The primary piece of legislation that regulates cosmetics and personal care products trading, importing, selling, supplying, and manufacturing within the United Arab Emirates ("UAE") UAE Cabinet Resolution No. 18 of 2014 Concerning the Emirati Control Regulation on Cosmetics and Personal Care Products (The, “UAE Cosmetics Law”). It sets out the regulations in relation to cosmetic products, including prohibitions and restrictions on certain substances, a requirement of a UAE-based point-of-contact, and labeling and packaging requirements.

The UAE Cosmetics Law defines Cosmetics as “Any substances or mixture made for the use and contact of the body external organs and parts such as the skin, hair, nails, lips, teeth, genitals or the mucosa or oral cavity for the purpose of cleaning or perfuming them, changing their appearance or enhancing their smell or protecting them or keeping them in the best shape”. 

All cosmetic products imported, sold, traded, or manufactured in the UAE are required to comply with UAE.S.GSO 1943:2021 (the, “UAE Cosmetics Standard”) and UAE.S.GSO 12528:2016 concerning the technical regulation of cosmetic and personal care products claims") and register the product with the UAE Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (the, “MOIAT”) and the Dubai Municipality (“DM”), the later in the case of products being sold in Dubai.

The product will undergo testing for conformity in accordance with the UAE Cosmetics Standard, upon meeting all of the requirements in accordance with the UAE Cosmetics Standard, the MOIAT will issue an Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (“ECAS” certificate).

When the registration process is completed with the MOIAT, the application process follows with the DM Montaji system. The whole process could take 2-3 weeks to complete upon submission of all required documents for each product online through the MOIAT and DM’s portals respectively.

If the product is found to be medicated, has medical purposes, and needs further classification, it will be referred to the Federal Ministry of Health and Prevention.